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The Work

Art often means different things to different people.  We read different meanings in images we see, to one person a painting of a derelict house is just what it is; a snap shot of a time, to others it’s a reminder of something in the past or maybe a representation of a dystopian future. 

This ability for our minds to create stories – a narrative – around images of things we see every day is fascinating and it is this that Sarah’s paintings aim to explore.

Following the traditions of the masters of the past – Turner, Rembrandt, Piranesi  - Sarah’s imagery explores the built environment we live in, or ignore, and the objects we leave behind.  Her paintings and drawings are a record of the world around her: a ‘grand tour’ of the modern world.  Yet they are also influenced by the more modern forms:

  • the atmospheric images of Hopper, and the films they influenced,

  • the futuristic works of J G Ballard

  • the photographic manipulation of our environment by photographic artists such as Giacomo Costa,

all of whom create new ways to look at our world.  Her aim is to expose the stories that inhabit the world we see, a new narrative


Sarah works in a variety of medium which include:

  • Painting: predominately situated  within the tradition of the landscape oil painting where her work focuses on the urban environments we currently inhabit, but with a twist 

  • Prints and Drawings: starting life as preparatory sketches for paintings these experiments sometimes resolve into unique works in their own right,

  • Photography: taken as sketchbook material, very few meet the exacting standards required, but some survive.

  • Installations: occasionally as an idea develops shape  it also develops structure, where images transform into collections of objects and image .

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