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Lockdown Blues - 2020, a year in the wilderness

2020 was a strange year full of optimism and disappointments but definitely 'interesting times' were had.

During the year the 5 best things that happened to me were:

1. Moving into my beautiful new studio (panoramic view above) which I can walk to, so it remains my creative haven despite lockdown

2. Having the time, space and creative urge to paint over 20 new works for the Sweet Thursday exhibition originally planned for April 2020 (hopefully now in September 2021)

3. Finishing the main building work on my studio in the French House

4. Starting the redesign of the garden at the French House, planting out the trees I'd bought 5 years ago!

5. Realising that I can still be happy and creative despite a very restrictive and bizarre year

Whereas I think the 5 worst things have been:

1. Not being able to escape to the French House to paint, DIY, garden and breathe

2. Not being able to have or visit art exhibitions and other events

3. Living in a one bedroom, open plan, flat that now has to function as both John's and my office space, as well as our home, entertainment area, restaurant and pub.

4. Not being able to meet up with family, friends and art colleagues

5. Not being able to wander London (let alone the world) to find new inspiration for future work

So after a year of obscurity I decided to start the blog, that many friends have been nagging me to create, to bring you into my world of art, mad DIY projects and mishaps.

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